Mystic Mantra  The World Of The Breath
Breathing is  a divine act. It take sine deep within one’s body  and soul; It explore the realm of sound that awakens the consciousness . it explores the zahir, the outward, and the batin , the inward.
“And remember when thy “LORD” said unto the angels Lo! I  am creating a mortal out of potter’s clay of black mud altered .
                        So when I have made him and have breathed into him My Spirit…”(Quran 15:28-29)
This reveals through the breath , the mystic relationship between the Creator and His Creations an dthe sancity and the unity of each Creation . Each Breath contains the whole World  and the whole World is Contained in one Breath.
“ALLAH”  several ways of  exemplifying this phenomenon. In Sound and Prayers; in ways if doing; and the essence of the act. “ALLAH”  uses the word Nafs for his own Breath   , and He uses the word Ruh for His own   Soul.
These same words are used to mean the human  breath  and the human  soul  , through which it has been proven that  we all come from one source and to that one source we return.
The discovering of the self and divinity through the breath is a universal happening . breath bridges the body, mind and soul and connects civilizations across the globe. In many cultures  breath is envisioned as a direct  manifestation of the sprit.  It is the subtle energy which enlivens us , and we receive this  subtle energy by breathing it in or having it breathed into us from above.
Yoga teaches that the body reflects the breath, the breath reflects the mind, the mind reflects the heart an dthe heart reflects the soul
We live in a universe of energy and energy transformations , and we depend on these to think , to feel , ot move, and so on.  breath is not just oxygen , but emerges from divine   origin of our existence . breath creates the equilibrium of the temperaments  of the body. It carries life-supporting elements from the exterior of the body to  the interior physiological functions.