Maya An Illusion
What  is real ?The story on the screen or The story of our life?
The moving images on the silver screen are not real. Yet we get completely involved in the movie and lose  ourselves in what unfolds in a movie theatre . When we come out of the theatre , we are back in our real lives. But what is real  - the story on the screen or the story of our life? Which one is an illusion or maya? Both.
Three Hollywood epic movies – AVATAR , MATRIX, INCEPTION- to  explore the illusion or maya.
Matter does not exist at the deepest level  of matter ; matter is only apparent , it is maya. Shankara said it  thousands of years ago; it is illusion.  By illusion  he does not mean  that it does not  exist; By illusion he simply means  it appears to exist-something else exists. Don’t be deceived by the appreance. And the scientist found himself entering  more into the world of Shankara than Aristotle  .  matter disappears , there is only energy  - energy moving so fast  that u cannot see its movement and it gives u the idea of the solid matter .
But Nothing is solid , everything is liquid.
Only energy is, and the ways of the energy  are very paradoxical , very mystic. One particle of energy jumps from its place to   another place ; it is continuously jumping . it is taking quantum leaps  . the term ‘quantum leap’  comes from quanta . ‘Quanta’ means the ultimate particle of energy.  When the quanta jumps from place A to B  the phenomena is very mysterious . it simply disappears from A and appears  at B  and u cannot find it anywhere in between.

Maya A DreamWorld
The Mind  knows  only the dream , the illusion. A life  lived through the Mind  is a life of dreams . that is the meaning of the concept of maya.
Maya means that which  appears  to be  and yet is not . it is just in the middle of the real and the unreal .  it is a lie  but  it appears like truth .   it is a deco rated lie , and very convincing.  Wh en  it there it appears absolutely true. 
The Mind  is the  origin  of  maya , of all the  illusions  that u live through .  once u start  becoming aware of the Mind, the observer   arises, then u become an awareness .  awareness is totally   different    form the Mind.   When u become an awareness  then u can see the games of the Mind  that have been playing with u for so many lives
Except Awareness Everything Is Maya
The only distinction between the dream  and the  real: Reality  allows u  to doubt , and the dream  does not allow u to doubt.  
Yet if u cannot doubt   their illusion becomes a reality And  if  u can doubt , even the  reality becomes the illusory.
Everything comes from nothing  and  everything moves into nothing :  that is the meaning  of maya . it  does  not mean unreal  , because  even the writing  on the sand is real . Even  the writing on water  has  its own reality , although it is very fleeting.

Wake Up !  Stop Dreaming! And Experience The Reality!
Truth is being , untruth  is non-being , and between the two there is   a world of  dreaming—it carries  the qualities of both . And Mind  is the  source  of dreaming  , so the Mind is illusory . The Mind is the source of all maya .
Shankara has divided reality into three categories . One category is the Truth.: that which is . In fact nothing else is possible ; Only Truth Can Be  - untruth cannot be.
Second is untruth , which cannot be bcz  for being it,  Truth  is needed..
And Third is dreaming, appearance, illusion, maya: that which appears to be but is not.
Going Beyond The Maya Of This World
There are three things  to be  remembered    . One is the outside World, the Objective World. Then there is second  World: The World of The Mind , the World  that the psychoanalysis , the psychiatrists investigate.  This World is illusory , that it has no truth , either objective or subjective, that it is in between.
And the Third World  is ur Subjectivity , ur interiority , ur inner self.

Be Still & Silence And U Will Know